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Terry Miles South Euclid, OH Read More

“happy paws catahoula pupieshome was just as careful selecting a home for his pups as we were selecting a quality breeder. Within 10 minutes of our first conversation we knew he was a right match for us. When we visited to pick out our pup, we were impressed by the clean environment and the way each dog was treated. You won’t find cages here! The pups look like family pets. Linda and David prepared us to be good parents to our dog Andy by explaining all of the details regarding transition to home, diet, exercise and training. When we got Andy home he was already crate trained, and for the most part, house trained. Andy is 2 years old and a very content and happy member of our family. We attribute much of his good health to the great start he had in their loving care.”

David Hubbard Vero Beach, FL Read More
We are so happy with our new puppy. She is so delightful, so much fun. We had a good trip home. She didn’t whimper at all, although she did get a little car sick which wasn’t surprising. We have a pet seat which she rides in and seems very content in it. Her crate is similar to the one you have only smaller and that is her little house. In it she has a baby, some chewies and a toy. She just loves it. We have never had a puppy who is so well adjusted and not at all fussy. She slept straight through the first night. We moved her crate into our bedroom and that is where she sleeps. You can tell she had excellent care from birth and has had the proper care and attention. Thank you very much

Jodi Roberts Greensboro, NC
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Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how Booker T is doing. I think he takes after his father, he too thinks he is a clown, he is very entertaining. He has adjusted very nicely. I’ve attached some pictures of him. He is eating well and has been sleeping with one of the older dogs each night and has done quite well. He is using the doggy door. And our vet said he is in excellent health. He has been an absolute blessing to me, i can not thank you guys enough

Kathy Knight Manchester, IL Read More
We purchased our Sammy from happypawscatahoulapupieshome in March 2020 and couldn’t be happier!! The care and love that they show their dogs and future parents is phenomenal!! He is the sweetest good natured little boy!! And they are always happy to answer any questions you have after you have gotten home. We can’t say enough wonderful things about our experience with happypawscatahoulapupieshome and their puppies!!